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To sensitise rural and urban children and women on various environmental issues and concerns through education, training and communication. 

To create public awareness on the rights of the child and women and to work for the promotion, protection and defense of children’s and women’s rights.

To promote the overall development of children, youth and women in rural and urban areas in India, who are socially and economically deprived. 

To provide family centred home based intensive services to children, youth and women in dysfunctional families in slums and backward areas in odisha. 


Shri Dibakar Das
Mr. Rabindra nath Samal


Mr. Dusmanta Sahu
Mr. Srikanta Swain
Mr. Badrinath Routray


Ashutosh Nayak Mob- 8249722616
Subhrajit Das
SP Ananda singh
Sitanshu Samal
Narendra Jonk
Satyajit Rout
Rakesh Singh Rajput
Mob- 7008334731
Gyanaranjan Mallick
Mob- 6371678804
Bijaya Barik
Deepak Chakraborty
Saroj Bal
Prafulla Mallick
Debasish Samal
Samir Das

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